DIY Garage Door Winter Maintenance Tips

DIY garage door winter maintenance tips to keep your door operating smoothly.

Keeping your car in the garage is a smart thing to do in the winter month. There is no snow to clear off the vehicle and even if your garage isn’t heated your still out of that cold winter wind! Your garage door is the only thing separating your car or truck from the elements. So you want to make sure it’s in good shape for old man winter.

Garage door winter maintenance you can do yourself.

Take a few minutes and do a visual inspection of the garage door springs, cables. Check if the garage door is level with the floor in the closed position. Do this by opening and closing the door a few times from the inside so you can see the cables, springs and rollers in action making sure the door is opening and closing properly. You should be able to see or hear any problems.

You want a good seal to keep out the cold. Make sure all the moving parts of the door are lubricated properly with a lubricant that is especially designed for garage doors. Big box stores like Canadian Tire & Home Hardware will have what you need. If you are not sure where to use it just spray everything liberally including the springs, rollers, tracks, bushings and hinges and that should do the trick. Make sure that where the door rests on the garage floor there is no snow or ice buildup so that you garage door will close properly.

That’s basically all you need to do to get ready for winter. If you would like us to come and do an inspection and maintenance for you just give us a call here at Pynacker Garage Doors. If you see something you think is wrong just call and we’ll see if we can’t identify the problem over the phone. If there is an issue our Ottawa garage door repair services are second to none.

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