Welcome to the FAQ page

Q:Do I “Want” to replace my door or do I “Need” to replace it?

A:Sometimes replacement of the garage door is a matter of want or need. You may be looking to give the house a newer updated look and add curb appeal or the garage door is in need of repair and its more cost effective to replace it rather than repair it.

Q:What is my budget?

A:Since everyone’s situation is different, some are looking to upgrade from the builder quality door that came on the house and some are in a situation that they have to replace it due to an accident or cost of repairing has been so much over the years that they could have bought a new door a few times over.

Q:Will I own this home for the next 5 years or more?

A:This is a question most homeowners do not think about when purchasing a new door. Often they are encouraged to ‘buy the best and most expensive” because the salesperson is paid a commission. Staff at Pynacker doors are not paid commission and leave the final decision of which product best suits your needs and budget to you. Why pay for a higher quality door if you are not going to be there to benefit from it? We can help you select an economical replacement that is better and more durable than the original that will add value and curb appeal should you decide to sell the home.

Q:Why do I need an insulated garage door?

A:In many cases you don’t. However, an insulated door that is constructed of multi layers is stronger than your typical contractor quality, new home construction or retail bought DIY non-insulated door. You don’t want to have to replace the garage door again in 5 years or less so choosing a quality door is important for many years of hassle free operation. From Entry Level to High R-Value we can help select the right product for you.

Q:Can I create my own door or do I have to have something premade? Are windows available?

A:Yes, Pynacker Doors works with one of the best manufacturers in the industry. HAAS has offers from entry level budget minded products to more performance quality products to suit your individual needs.
Windows are an aesthetic choice. Some homes suit adding windows and some do not. Our staff will be able to assist you in providing mock ups of what your home would look like with or without windows in your new garage door. There are many panel designs available in each model. Windows are suited to each model available.