The kind of garage door represents the lifestyle of the homeowner. Thus, it is imperative to choose the kind of garage door materials that goes well with the owner’s home’s ambiance. There are several different provisions available for garage doors in the market today.

Garage doors are made from different materials. There are steel garage doors, garage doors made of wood or vinyl, and some even using fibreglass. When choosing the right material for your new garage door, you may want to consider a few things.

Some things to Consider in your Selection:

  1. The look and feel – What style and look do you want?
  2. Sturdiness – Is it durable and long lasting?
  3. Cost – The price of it alone plus how much maintenance is involved?

For you to decide well, below is a video about garage door materials.  It has information that you will need to consider when choosing your new garage door. Watch for tips and ideas!

Garage door material options:

Whatever your garage door materials be, maintenance and periodic check up are needed. Make sure that the one you choose will be a good fit and something you can boast about. Call Pynacker today for your preference! We have wide array of materials to choose from.


The most popular for a garage door is steel. Apart from the reasonable price, steels are durable, maintenance wise and are available in any kinds of styles. It can be painted to mimic a wood and is offered in variety of textures.  However, steels are known to produce noise when poor insulation is poor.


Aluminum doors are like steel. Both of them shares some attributes. Needless to say, aluminum is comparatively lighter and inexpensive but it will somehow dent.


In history, the first ever garage door was made up of woods. Traditionally and in the modern world, woods continue to be appealing and popular. The advantage of this material is its better insulation capability than steel and aluminum.


At present, garage doors made of fiberglass is unpopular and represents a small segment in the market. Once this material is encased in frames made of aluminum and is painted, it will pose greater resistance to dents and will not easily corrode. It is also very light but a poor insulator.