If you are looking for the Ottawa garage door repair experts, you just found us! Whether you are looking to replace or repair your garage door opener, garage door springs, replace your weather stripping, have a broken cable replaced, we can help. It’s what we do!

Why choose us for your garage door repairs?

  1. First of all we have been repairing garage doors in Ottawa for over 30 years!
  2. We have thousands of satisfied customers!
  3. All our work is guaranteed! (We are a member in good standing with the Ottawa Better Business Bureau.
  4. We’re fast! 90% of our garage door repairs are down in just a couple of hours.
  5. Our rates are fair our customers appreciate our “no pressure” approach.

Most Common Garage Door Repairs

The most common garage door repairs we do here in Ottawa are replacing broken springs or cables, replacing old weather stripping for better insulation value, replacing damaged panels. Sometimes the tracks get out of alignment and need adjusting. The same thing can happen to the 2 horizontal bars that help keep the door rigid and lock in place when the door is shut – they sometimes need to be aligned properly. Door openers can act up due to sensor misalignment or some kind of obstruction.

All of these repairs can be done on the spot by our technicians because they carry most everything you will need to get the door operating correctly again. The exception of course would be panel replacement. We would have to source the new matching panel first and then come and replace it.

If you have an overhead garage door that needs to be fixed why not call the experts at Pynacker Garage Doors for a free quote today!

Problems with Garage Door

If you are experiencing the problems listed below, we suggest you call the experts at Pynacker Garage Doors.

  • Door stuck open, closed, or part way.
  • Broken or damaged door panel.
  • Door off level
  • Door off track.

The reason for this is that unless you really know what you are going you can seriously hurt yourself trying to fix these problems or make such a mess of things it will cost you more to repair your garage door in the long run. Anyone can and should do garage door maintenance themselves – repairs are a quite different.

Problems with Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Troubleshooting

Always check to see if there is power to the garage door opener. This always sounds like “duh” but you will save yourself a lot of grief by starting out with the basics. Next you want to check and test the sensors. They are located at the bottom of the door on both sides at the bottom.

Here is how to check sensor problems.

  1. Check to see if the little green light is on both sensors. If one or both of them are off check to see if the wires to the sensors are connected properly.
  2. Make sure that there is nothing blocking the sensor like dirt or some object.
  3. Make sure the sensors are aligned with each other. Are they pointing at one another?

Key Bad Battery

  1. Replace the battery in your key pad and remote(s). It may be that simple!

Problems with Garage Door Opener Components

    1. Rather than going through all the different components and telling you what to look for – take a minute and whatch this video.

Garage Door Opener Repair Services are provided in Ottawa, Orleans, Pembroke, Renfrew, Petawawa. If you have a problem with your old garage door opener or are looking for a new one, call Pynacker Garage Doors today!

Problems with Garage Door Cable

The garage door is as important as any door in your house. It is the homeowner’s goal to always keep it functional. The cable in garage doors must be maintained to ensure an easy opening and closing. But things never last for long, there will always be wears and tears. If you have a broken garage door cable, see to it that it is addressed properly the soonest time possible.

Broken Cable – How to Check it Out

  1. One or both sides of your garage door won’t close properly.
  2. If your garage door cable is rusted  or frayed. It should be easy to see the damaged cable by a visual inspection. If the garage door cable is damaged, you will need to replace it. Not doing so could be dangerous.
  3. Same thing with a broken cable – you should see the broken cable hanging loose in the air or lying on the garage floor. A broken cable is not repairable and must be replaced totally.

Why Garage Door Cables Break

Cables break due to several contributing factors:

  1. Wear and Tear. Normal wear and tear is expected over the life of the door’s cables.
  2. Environmental Conditions. Moister accumulated from snow and ice will build up and are major factors that can cause corrosion over time.
  3. Lack of Maintenance. Periodic and regular visual inspections and lubrication of hardware is recommended a couple of times a year. (Think of doing this when you turn your clock forward and back for daylight saving!)

As it is very risky for an inexperienced homeowner to do the repair and replacement of the cables, it is suggested to hire professionals to do the work. Contact Pynacker Broken Garage Door Cable Repair Services that are offered in Ottawa, Orleans, Nepean, Kanata as well as throughout the Ottawa Valley including Renfrew, Arnprior, Eganville, Pembroke, Petawawa and Deep River.

Weather Stripping Replacement

Winter in Ottawa and Ottawa Valley can get really cold!! In the winter your attached garage can be a significant source of heat loss for your home. You want to make sure your garage is well insulated and that includes weather stripping around you garage door. Your garage door weather stripping helps keeps the cold out of your garage and in turn your home.

There Are 2 Places Where Garage Door Weather Stripping is Used

  1. Top and Side Weather stripping closes the gap between the door jamb and the door.
  2. The Bottom Boot closes the bottom of the door against the garage floor.

Making sure that this weather stripping is in good shape insures you don’t have excess cold are coming into your garage space.

If your weather stripping is in bad shape and needs t be replaced, why not call the garage door experts at Pynacker Garage door today!

Maintenance tips to avoid needless Garage Door Repairs

Lubrication – Make sure that the moving parts remain well-oiled to avoid any stress on the chains, cables or track that could result in more damage to the door, once a year will do the job!

Keep the door tracks clean – It is important to keep the track of the door clean and free of debris, which could jam the door and cause damage.

Test – You can regularly run a few simple safety tests at home. The auto-reverse test is especially important to make sure that the garage door does not catch anything or anyone underneath it.

Safety – Make sure the kids know that the garage door and remote opener are not toys. Make sure that your eyes are on the door whenever it is moving so that you can take the necessary measures if someone tries to get through. Read the manual for your particular door for emergency responses so that you will be prepared should anything happen.