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Why choose us for your garage door repairs?

  1. We have been repairing garage doors in Ottawa and the Valley for over 30 years!
  2. We have thousands of satisfied customers!
  3. All our work is guaranteed! (We are a member in good standing with the Ottawa Better Business Bureau)
  4. We’re efficient at what we do. Most residential service repairs can be done in an hour or less.
  5. We carry parts such as hinges, rollers and can make cables and torsion spring right on site.
  6. Our rates are fair and our customers appreciate our “no pressure” approach.

Common Garage Door ISSUES

Like a lot of people, we have busy lives, work etc and so often we take for granted that the garage door will always be reliable and working when we need it too. The garage door is one of the largest working parts in your home. And from time to time repairs are required.

A couple of the most common garage door repairs we do are replacing broken cables and springs. These repairs always seem to happen when you least expect it. As there is no crystal ball to tell us when the garage door will break, it is important to perform periodic maintenance yourself or if you wish to contact us we can provide a full Service, Lubrication and Adjustment of your garage door and opener to make sure it is in good working order. Should it require parts and further repair while we are there, now is the time to have the technician make the repairs and get you back up and working.

Did you know that the opener is designed to do less than 10% of the work? The opener is designed to not exert any more energy than it would take to operate the garage door manually. This means if your garage door is heavy, out of balance and/or does not run properly this can cause wear and tear to the components of the opener that can result in costly repairs.

Simple repairs such as safety sensor alignment causing the door not to close can be easily identified and corrected sometimes right over the phone.

Other problems are much more serious and we strongly encourage you to contact qualified and trained technicians. All too often we get calls from customers who tried to fix their door and learn that they had just spent the previous night at the Hospital Emergency getting stitches or worse.



If you are experiencing the problems listed below, we suggest you call the experts at Pynacker Garage Doors.

  • Door stuck open, closed, or part way.
  • Broken or damaged door panel.
  • Door off level
  • Door off track.

The reason for this is that unless you really know what you are doing, you can seriously hurt yourself trying to fix these problems or make such a mess of things it will cost you more to repair your garage door in the long run. Anyone can, and should, do garage door maintenance themselves – repairs are quite different.

Problems with Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Troubleshooting

Before contacting us to book service call, please read the following. You may find a easy solution and save you money.

My door will open but it won’t close with my remote/keypad or wall station.

  1. When the door tries to close, do the lights flash on the main unit when it reverses open or does it just reverse?
    • LIGHTS FLASH – lights flashing is an indication that the safety sensors are obstructed or out of alignment. A quick check is to find the LED lights on the sensors. If the Green LED is off or flickering it could be that it is misaligned. A quick turn of the sensor until the LED light comes on solid and tightening it up on the bracket might just do the trick
    • NO FLASHING LIGHT BUT STILL REVERSES – this is usually an indication that the door is not running smoothly. Refer to your owner’s manual to learn how to disengage the opener from the door. If you find the door is heavy or running rough or rubbing against the frame or weatherstrip, you may need to call us for repair as parts may be worn causing the door to be out of alignment.

My remote or keypad work intermittently.

    • REMOTE – the remote has a battery inside that may require replacement from time to time. Typically a battery has a 5 year shelf life but when used daily it should be replaced every two years. In some cases, a remote simply wears out and will need replacement. We cary most major brands and if not we can tell you were to find them.
    • KEYPAD- the keypad is a popular way of entry for young and old. Its convenient and secure as you can only access it by knowing the code. As with the remote, there is a battery that will need replacement at some point. If you replaced the battery and your code still does not work it could be that the pin pad behind the numbers has worn out. Try reprogramming the keypad using 4 new numbers not using any of the previous ones.

Problems with Garage Door Opener Components

I hear a humming or buzzing sound but my opener doesn’t move.

    • This can be one of two things: a blown motor capacitor or more common a stripped or worn drive gear. Most popular garage door openers use some type of gear drive mechanism that over time can wear out. This is usually caused by a door being out of balance or perhaps the door has frozen to the ground and the opener struggled to open it. While repairable, there are s few different parts that may need to be replaced and not just the drive gear. This can sometimes cost over $75.00 in parts alone without the cost of repair labour. If your opener is more than 15 years old you may consider replacing it rather than repairing. As mentioned before, it is always your decision of how you wish to proceed


Problems with Garage Door Cable

My garage door is off level and one cable is on the ground

    • There are a few reasons why this may have happened 1) The door came down on something and the cable became loose. 2) The cable corroded and rusted through causing it to break.
    • It is very important to maintain your garage door with periodic service or inspections to make sure everything is performing as it should. Cables are an integral component of how your garage door functions. Without them your door cannot open or close smoothly or properly.

Cable repairs can be very dangerous and we would ask that your extreme caution if you attempt to repair this yourself. If you do not wish to risk possible serious injury, please call Pynacker Doors.

Weather Stripping Replacement

I can see light coming in around my door. I get snow and rain in my garage.

Almost all new garage doors come with some type of perimeter weatherstrip to fill the gaps around the door on the sides and top. The garage doors also come with a bottom seal to seal on the floor. Many older homes that have wood or non-insulated doors do not have weatherstrip and therefore allow for weather like snow and rain to get into the garage. This can cause the hardware to rust or seize or worse yet, if you store belongings in the garage they can become saturated with water that pools in the garage.

Installing weatherstrip is a simple and economical energy saver should you have bedrooms or living space above the garage.

Here at Pynacker Doors we carry only the best quality weatherstripping products. Feel free to inquire about prices and availability.

Maintenance tips to avoid needless Garage Door Repairs

Lubrication – Can be a simple thing to forget but cause the most damage and wear to your garage door hardware and its components. Setting a reminder to lubricate your door when the clocks go back or forward is a great time to maintain your door and opener.

Keep the door tracks clean – It is important to keep the track of the door clean and free of debris, which can cause the door to not operate smoothly and potentially cause damage to hinges or rollers.

Test – You can regularly run a few simple safety tests at home. The auto-reverse test is especially important to make sure that the garage door does not catch anything or anyone underneath it.

Safety – It is extremely important that your family and children are aware of the dangers of a moving garage door. Although there are safety devices incorporated in all garage door openers produced after 1994 there are some early generation units still in operation that do not comply with today’s standards. If you feel your opener is not safe or does not comply with todays standards please give Pynacker Doors a call for a free quote on replacement.